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VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) 7.0U3c, 2022-01-27, [Release Notes] [Download]. This summer we’re bringing together thousands of enthusiastic outdoors people for a ‘Mini Electric World’ at Eton Manor’s National Games. Throughout the summer there will be an array of activities including kayaking, cricket, four-wheeling, BMX and mountain biking, plus competitions in the ultra-competitive one-kilometre run. At a special opening ceremony on Tuesday 17 July, thousands of keen athletes will walk away with prizes for their sporting achievements. The event is an essential part of the games, which this year mark Eton Manor’s 60th anniversary, and will be staged in the park next to the manor. The Mini Electric World is a great opportunity for everyone to be outdoors with friends and families and a brilliant way to showcase Eton Manor’s stunning scenery. This year the Mini Electric World will feature a host of fantastic brand new attractions: a BMX racing track and rope climb, a 150-metre trail, a wakeboard racing area, climbing and more. Members of the community are welcome to take part in events across all age groups, from toddlers to grandparents. Mini Electric World General Manager, Jeremy Shearman, said: “This summer we’re creating a whole host of different activities, as well as an entire stage for the Mini Electric World competition. “The Mini Electric World is a great way to see Eton Manor Park, meet new friends and enjoy our beautiful scenery. “You can choose from a range of activities from a wakeboard to camping and we’ll even be giving away prizes and trophies throughout the event. “We’re also very excited to be working with Key4Kids to run two of their team sports clinics on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 August. “The clinics will allow children to try out some of the sports we’ll be hosting, such as netball, tennis, rugby and cricket, and will give them the chance to join in with mini electric world, too. “We’re also very proud to have the support of key3Kids to hold two of their competitions on the Mini Electric World stage. “One of the ‘big bites’ for our




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